DC Microgrids (Small DC Solar Home Kits)


Complete 12V DC solar kit for off-grid homes or dwellings.The units are easy to install, have low maintenance needs. A 5 year solar module product guarantee with over 20 years performance expectancy at 80% energy yield.


Smart DB Box

  • Radio input
  • Cell phone charger input
  • Fusing
  • Interactive LCD Screen

Plug Box for:

  • DC TV
  • DC Radio
  • DC DSTV (Satellite LCD)
  • AC Point (if applicable)
  • Tamper proof battery/batteries boxes
  • All cables, screws, lugs and consumables for installation
  • Warranty and installation manual
  • The units are expandable and modular
Model Interior lights with switches & fittings Outside lights with switches & fittings 19″ LED DC colour TV 12V DC Radio AM/FM/SW Battery boxes
SSS Mini 4 1 0 1 1
SSS Midi 6 2 1 1 2